Was that the sun?

Greetings from the cold, muddy farm. It has been a crazy last few weeks, wait, last THREE weeks of weather (I know this is the conversation everyone is having, but I really want to keep talking about it). We’ve been delayed a bit on getting seeds in the ground, but finally got a day between snow meltage/snow cometh to plant our carrots, parsnips and peas.

Now that we’ve gone to a semi-permanent bed system the planting ground had actually drained a good bit, making fluffy seed beds for our spring crops.

We have officially moved into the Sertoma Center a few blocks away, they are graciously allowing us use of their greenhouse while we get to work with their clients, teaching them how to seed and transplant, hopefully in the spring they’ll be able to come on over and help us put the little plants in the field. It never fails when I have volunteers to come out to plant, that when they return to the farm, they go directly to whatever it is they planted however many weeks or months before. We love the results, to see what our hands helped to do.009

008Yesterday I was able to have a wonderful conversation with one of Knoxville’s finest, he’s written an awesome write up on the farm, which you can read here: http://insideofknoxville.com/2015/03/abbey-fields-bringing-the-farm-to-the-city/, it was lovely to have Knoxville Urban Guy there, in all his thoughtful questions and insights, our city is better because of his work.

Mark your calendars, our next community work day is scheduled for March 14th from 12-3. We’ll be planting potatoes and other green stuff, as well as digging and moving piles around to clean up the place a bit. It’s always a fun time to meet new folks and to get your hands dirty, if it’s warm enough we’ll put out the garden sprinkler to jump around in (could totally happen in March).

Hope you all are well out there, thank you for supporting this little farm and for all the viral love we’ve been receiving the past few days, I couldn’t be more excited for the season!snowyfarm

Keep warm,


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