IMG_20150711_122953 IMG_20150709_161237_251 IMG_20150708_151833_347 IMG_20150708_151839_843IMG_20150708_151826_747 IMG_20150707_161208_657 IMG_20150706_112924_869 IMG_20150624_152446_559IMG_20150602_090455_411 IMG_20150613_090549_650 IMG_20150523_085045_844 IMG_20150527_115239_322 IMG_20150527_105513 It’s been a good one so far. July has been far more gracious than June, (said no farmer in East Tennessee, until now). The rain and cooler temperatures have been a refreshing reprieve to the almost rainless month prior. We’re almost half way through our season and it’s been busy, lovely and frustrating, exhausting but worth it. We’ve had several groups come out to help, to take tours, and we’ve been tremendously encouraged by the support of the city and community.

Tomorrow we plant peas for fall (what?!) and begin other seedings for the preparation for the cooling  of seasons. My family and I now live in the neighborhood, which seems appropriate considering the affection I have for this little piece of land. If you’ve been by recently you’ve probably seen my very pregnant self waddling around, don’t worry, we have a plan. Starting next week Parkridge’s very own Daniel Aisenbrey will be picking up my slack in the weeks to come, he’ll be a tremendous addition to the present and future of the farm and I’m over the moon to have him.

Peace and love ya’ll,



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