Greetings from the farm!

It’s been a lovely week of rain and workable temperatures, the garlic is strong and our rye cover crop is beautiful against the damp soil. Right now, we’re working on building our spring beds in the lot closest to Mitchel St. We’ll dig out walk ways and add that dirt to our semi permanent bed beside it, giving our growing spaces a slightly raised effect that make it it more efficient for root development and manual management. Soon, we will begin adding the manure and leaf mulch to the beds while also putting the wood mulch in the walk-ways to help with weed suppression and drainage. It’s a lot of work on the for front, but a highly effective model (as our fall lot was a product of) and so we hope to convert all of our crop production land to this sort of design by next summer.


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Winter Rye cover crop

The killdeers are also back, making me extremely curious as to whether or not they return to the same nesting grounds each year, either way, I’m happy to see them again.

Spring lot contstruction

The 2015 registration is now up in the urban farm share portion (http://form.jotform.us/form/40014524179145) of the website, reserve your share soon as we hope to have them all sold by the time we start putting seeds in the ground.  Also, consider splitting with a friend or another family, this is a good way to get the hang of how a CSA works while splitting the financial input. Our work shares are very limited as they were last year, please be sure you have the time to commit if this is the option you decide.

Ok, I think that’s my pitch for this blog, thanks in advance for your support. Feel free to stop by the farm to see our progress, we’ve come a long way from that trash filled lot of last year, and are hoping to contribute to the life and fertility of this place for years to come.



Merry Christmas to you and yours,




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