Kudos to the weather man

The weather man got it right, it was a gorgeous day today, our first community work day of the 2015 season. I crossed my fingers and prayed to the sun gods that this Saturday would indeed be a hint of spring, something to pull us out of the drear of this January. And oh how lovely to work beside all the beautiful people that came out, to see the sun shine on our field and their faces as everyone came together to…





Lots and lots of digging.





The field was still pretty wet from our week of moisture so the dirt was heavy,


these people can tell you so.

Most of our efforts were concentrated on the Spring lot, digging beds, digging in manure to put on beds, digging in mulch to put on the walkways, so many shovels going. Cameron got the fire going early and we had a little premium roast from our neighborhood coffee shop for breaks.   029

Our fence is going up next week. The eight foot poles that are already in place are a little intimidating on our modest lot. 035Next week they’ll be cut down to five feet and woven farm fence will be put up to help deter woodland creatures (would you believe we had a deer last year?) and the neighborhood off road recreational driver that tore down our okra and tomatoes last year. The hope is that the fence is as transparent as possible while still giving some lines and shape to the farm.

Our next community work day will be in February, stay tuned to all the various social media outlets for time and day, meanwhile, enjoy the sunshine!030


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