Happy New Year!


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Here at the farm Daniel and I are working hard to prepare for the next season, as well as closing out the 2015 year by distributing what’s left of our produce to area restaurants. The weather stayed very accommodating for so long we are just now, in January, starting to see some effects of the cold.

A few quick updates to catch you all up, we’re excited to begin development of the un-fenced portion of our location this winter. Included in this development will be official parking, a circle drive for easy vegetable pick up, mulched trails around raised beds, seating, open space for events, installation of trees and other plants, and a lean-to pavillion for washing, packing and distribution. The following drawing gives you a visual of what we’re thinking: thefarm2

Anyone who has talked to me over the last year has probably heard me say something about this development, to me it is a vital next step to our mission of beautification and public accessibility. An Abbey Fields Urban Farm sign will also be erected soon, which has been a needed detail for some time. It is our hope and goal that we can finish what we started in regards to initial development of the farm so that we can nurture all aspects of it’s growth, especially the social and biological.

'Tis the season, oh what fun!

Next up, a new location! While all the details of this new project cannot be disclosed at the time, (still working on zoning requirements, etc) we are super stoked to be acquiring another lot right next to the Old City. Our plans for this site will be dual in nature. One portion of the parcel will be set aside as a community garden for the downtown community to utilize. This portion will be built out in raised beds and will have a small shed and wash station for subscribers to use. The other part of the lot will be used by Abbey Fields, where we will be constructing beds and planting strictly for restaurant sales, serving restaurants in the Old City and downtown. Construction on this will (HOPEFULLY) begin the first of February.  It’s going to be a great project and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Remember, our early bird CSA special is still good until the 15th (see the promo flyer below). We’re extending our season this year by three weeks and also hope to have a few more drop offs for your convenience (like if you have several work friends interested we could bring them straight to your desk!). To sign up visit our newly renovated website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Enjoy this season of rest, spring will be here soon!


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