Greetings from the farm!

If you’ve driven by the farm in the last few weeks you’ll notice our super duper fence addition.



It adds nice dimensions to the field as well as indicating that there’s something going on in this place, so please don’t bring your off road vehicles through. The company we used is small, local, and absolutely wonderful, please contact me if you have any fencing or contracting needs as I would love to pass on their info.

We started our greenhouse work a few weeks ago, after a few restless teen-degree nights of checking the temperature on our little room, it was nice to settle into the last couple of days of spring like weather, no heater needed. We seeded cabbage, kohlrabi, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and celery. Our planting schedule from here through July is loaded down with weekly, bi- and sometimes tri- weekly plantings. Our hope is to have an additional greenhouse soon on the property to house the more of the abundance.  Until then it looks like we’ll be partnering with the Sertoma Center just a few blocks away, which is an activity center for folks with mental disabilities and has a splendid, spacious greenhouse for their horticulture program. I’m super stoked about this partnership as it’s one of the benefits of having a farm in a neighborhood, we get to know and work beside our neighbors, we share our tables and our stories and over the years we see our hard work pay off from the bounty of the land and the zest of our relationships. I get spring time giddy with the possibilities.



Our next work day will be February 21st from 12-3, we’ll have coffee and perhaps a few power snacks, for those who joined us for our January work day it will be a lot of the same, digging, mulching, perhaps some seeding, although we should have more sunlight as (believe it or not!), the days are getting just longer.

Also, (insert marketing plug), please consider purchasing a share! Split it with a friend, pay weekly, but give it a shot. This is the first farm of it’s kind as we’re solely supported by the community and with your support we’re hoping to invest in other blighted properties, perhaps in YOUR neighborhood, and to employ more eager farmers like myself. Visit the web page for more info and spread the word!





enjoy your mountain feeling Monday,


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