The Mission


 Growing healthy, fresh food in a community effort between neighborhoods, volunteers, farmers, and families in order to beautify, restore, and bring life to the vacant spaces in our city.


A Farm in the City

Urban farming is a movement by grassroots organizations, businesses, universities and individuals that provides quality, neighborhood-grown vegetables and more. It’s not a new concept; for centuries, people have shared communal space in order to raise and preserve their nutritional sustenance. Urbanization plays a large part in our current food crisis, and giving city-dwellers the option to buy local and take control of their food origins is critical.  We want our shareholders and neighbors to witness and even be a part of their food production.

Our Hope

Seedling-by-seedling, relationship-by-relationship, we hope to bring vacant corners in all of our neighborhoods to light. By creating a gathering place where neighbors can celebrate, feasting on the bounty of our land and labor, we want to bring about the healing of broken ground and wounded communities.