The Farmers


Brenna Wright, Owner

I am originally from Wichita, KS where I did my undergrad in psychology with a minor in religion. After college, I joined the United States Peace Corps and lived in a rural farming village in Ghana, located in West Africa. It was there I discovered a passion for agriculture and community development and was also pleasantly awakened to a palate of new flavors and fresh ingredients that are an inspiration for growing good food back home. After moving to Knoxville in 2010, I pursued graduate education at the University of Tennessee, focusing on soil science and conservation. In the years since I worked as a farm hand and market developer at two farms in Knoxville. The first, Care of the Earth CSA, is chemically free, family-owned, and family-operated by two wonderful farmers right outside of Knoxville. The other, UT’s Organic Farm, is where I developed market skills that would equip me with the tools to start my own farm. I also served as a S.M.A.R.T Center Technician with the University, using topographical and mapping tools to help develop a land site for conservation use. My ideals and values on agriculture have been greatly shaped by the works of Wendell Berry.

Kerri Garvey, Farm Manager

As a young child I was raised on a wildlife management farm in East Tennessee and that seeded my love for nature.  I am now a mom of three, crafter, animal lover and nature enthusiast.  I love spending time outdoors… camping, hiking, and digging in the dirt.  In the past I worked for a small family owned fine dining restaurant and my love for fresh local organic food flourished.  I believe that giving our community access to healthy food is imperative.  I am passionate about introducing kids to the life skills of growing food in a sustainable manner, in my free time I volunteer to run a small community garden at my kids elementary school and I head up their garden club.  “Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.” -George Washington

Beth Aisenbrey, Farm Hand

I grew up in West Knoxville helping my mother with her high school classrooms biology dissections and working at the veterinary clinic my father managed and grandfather owned. I had a fascination with the natural world and loved all things living which lead me to become a vegetarian and member of PETA as a teenager. Though I am no longer a vegetarian (or member of PETA), the look it provided me into food production paired with my love for animals showed me the issues with our modern food system and the havoc it is reaping on our society. With a focus on sustainability and small agriculture, I began my studies at UT where I earned a BS in Food and Agricultural Business and worked on UT’s Organic Farm in 2015 and managed a farmers’ market for UT in 2016.