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CSA Shares

Abbey Fields offers 27 weeks of produce, May 2nd through November 7th. Pick-up your weekly Abbey Fields bounty at 1400 Washington Ave, Knoxville (behind Standard Knitting Mill).

Full Share $725: Payment plan breaks it down to two payments of $287.50 after deposit, one due at first pick-up, the other due July 1st. (Suggested for family of four or two vegetarians.)

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Urban Farm Shares

This CSA share will be valid for the 2015 season starting mid April. Because this is the first year for our neighborhood farm, the price of shares is subject to change. Currently, we are planning on a 33 week distribution window, if our season is delayed by first year factors than we will deduct the weekly amount off of every week we don’t distribute. Click here to reserve your share.

Our Mission


To grow healthy, fresh produce in a community effort between neighborhoods, volunteers, members and staff in order to beautify, restore, and bring life to vacant spaces in Knoxville

What is it, exactly?

Abbey Fields is an urban farm project dedicated to the rebuilding of living spaces and the creation of local food systems, as well as creating community anchor points to foster relationships while working, learning, and celebrating together. Each location cultivated by Abbey Fields will be thoughtfully planned in regards to the ecological capability of the land, considering factors like soil fertility and sustainability, as well as assessing the needs and wants of the community to see how the land can best be used. Abbey fields will utilize conservation practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and permaculture design to ensure the farm’s sustainability.

So, Urban Farming?

Urban farming is movement by grassroots organizations, businesses, universities and individuals that provides quality, neighborhood-grown vegetables and more. Urban farming is not a new concept; people have shared communal space in order to raise and preserve their nutritional sustenance for centuries. With chronic heart conditions, diabetes, and obesity becoming common trends, especially among children, it is essential that we educate our youth on the beautiful aspects of consuming good food. How much better if they could grow it themselves?

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