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New Year, New Website!

Welcome to the new Abbey Fields website! Though it’s been tempting to slump down into hibernation as daylight-hours wane and bright summery harvests give over to a thick blanket of winter cover crops, we’ve been trying to stay busy.

Common wisdom has it that farmers ought to spend the bulk of their time engaged in a balance of three tasks: Planting, Harvesting, and Marketing. The idea being that we don’t get paid to weed or fix equipment or untangle drip-tape. It’s pretty easy to make the connection between planting/harvesting and financial success, but marketing’s role is perhaps a little less obvious.


Our hope is that our time spent developing an attractive and user-friendly website will give potential members and customers a clear picture of what we at Abbey Fields believe in, and the quality of our work. We’ve incorporated the CSA sign-up form directly into the new site, to simplify things for our members, and we’ve added a list of Frequently Asked Questions about community supported agriculture for those that might be new to the idea.


So have a look around, and let us know what you think!