The Beginning


I’m excited to be writing this.

My name is Brenna Wright and I am working to put a neighborhood farm in East Knoxville. Those of you who live in the wonderful Parkridge community have probably noticed our slow development of the empty lot located at the intersection of Washington and Mitchell. We started with removing some of the dense vegetation close to the creek and the Standard Knitting Mill building.

what used to be

I was a little sad about this…after all, I stood by the side of the road with my thermos of coffee and watched the dozer rip and shred and toss aside everything that had once found refuge in this little meadow. It felt like cheating, to still be clean and warm after such a drastic transformation had taken place to the landscape. And although it may sound silly, it was a good transitioning time for me, everything felt much more real. I told myself, and all of the little birds now looking for a safer place to land, that we’d make this place good again.

And so today I went out with a smaller piece of machinery, and some friends, and we mowed the outline of our farm.

Cameron, and she says she's not photogenic,
Cameron, who says she’s not photogenic.



mowing it down
Daniel, mowing it down

It was a good day to be in the sunshine, and to be with these two. It was exciting to see the layout of what will be in just a few short months.

Just a brief description of the farm:

  • We will operate as a CSA (community supported agriculture), meaning we will have shares available at the beginning of the season for people to purchase. This purchase will entitle them to a generous bin of vegetables every week. This year we plan on a 33 week distribution.
  • We will be a for-profit organization operated by a manager, staff, interns, members and volunteers.
  • Our produce will be chemical free and naturally grown. We will use conservation agricultural methods to ensure that we are increasing soil fertility and biological life.
  • Our hope is to reclaim blighted or unused urban spaces for agriculture use; therefore adding to the availability of local food systems, providing a gathering place for the community, and beautifying our neighborhoods one lot at a time.

Very briefly, there it is.

Look for us out there this week, our next step is to clear out the remaining rubble and tree roots.


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  1. pryor says:

    Brenna/all involved with Abbey Fields, I’m so excited and happy for you all that this idea is coming to fruition…literally. We hope to be supportive from afar and then near, eventually.

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