Oh Spring


It is wonderful, this time of year. Especially after our last winter, and while folks still say we’re not out of the woods in regards to weather (things like lightning in February means blizzard in March), I’m done holding my breath. I’m ready to trust the daffodils and the little wrens nesting in our birdhouse.

Things are moving along at the farm. The seeds that we direct seeded a little under two weeks ago have sprouted and next week we look forward to moving some of the transplants from our very crowded greenhouse and planting them, IN THE GROUND! Last week I cover cropped a portion of the farm in white dutch clover in order to add nutrients and of course, to feed our bees, which will arrive on the farm in April.

Painting bee hives
Very crowded greenhouse






Tomorrow from 9-12 is our March community work day. We hope to clean off some of the vines from the lower walls as well as start the prep for our future flower beds. Of course, this translates into a lot of rock moving and raking, which maybe feels a whole lot like our other work days. Still, the sun will be shining and you’ll be in good company.

I wanted to attach a link that a volunteer sent to me. It’s a wonderfully insightful read and is also a great description of how Abbey Fields operates. So for those of you who have ever looked at our little farm lot with a head tilt and a “huh.” Just know we’re not the first of our kind:


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