Before the cold front…

Before the cold front…

we planted!

And, we were able to till in the leaf mulch that had been left to decompose for the last month. Finally, a definitive outline of the farm:

IMG_8450[1] IMG_8449[1]

Of course, I outline everything that I’m picturing in my head in orange flags on the field, as not to forget the brilliant image of what will be. When people stop by I proudly point to these flags, thinking they see the rows of crops and the pretty flower beds illustrated by my three cent markers. I’m glad that people are kind though, really, I just need someone to nod and smile.


Sometimes I look at pictures of what this place was just a few short months ago. I still ache a little looking at all of the vegetation, the cedars and golden rod, it may not have been perfect but man, it wasn’t so stink’in brown. However, it is March, and the winds are changing just a little. Today I planted, in the ground (da da DA), beets, turnips, arugula, fennel, peas and radish. That felt really good. And while I’m not so confident in the straightness of my rows, I do feel confident that this ground is more than ready to have some cover again. I also have over 5,000 seedlings growing strong in the greenhouse, just a few more weeks until they’re able to spread their roots in this soil.

We had a share holders potluck on Saturday. It was wonderful to meet some folks, share good food and sit by the fire. I look forward to meeting more of our members as the season progresses, there will definitely be more potlucks to come.

I think that’s all for now. The weeks have been busy but I as I sit down to write I blank at what they’ve been full of. Stay warm this week, spring will be here soon.


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  1. Doug Sparks says:

    Thanks again for coming by CBCB on Friday evening. One of our ministers Mark Moreland took your card because he works with Compassion Coalition and they have been wanting to start gardens in the city but have no clue about how to proceed. He would also like to meet your husband. I bet you are exhausted, congratulations on everything you accomplished.
    Can’t wait to drive by and see the transformation.

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